rainwater uses


Would you believe?

For every inch of rain on 1000 sq. feet of catchment area, you can potentially capture 600 gallons of rainwater.  If a given season produces 10 inches of rain, that's 6000 gallons! 


How does it work?

Basically, it's a four-step process:


4-step box


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Above-ground system designs

Below-ground system designs 


Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Our rainwater harvesting system offers a wide variety of tank sizes and exclusive top-of-the-line WISY® filters.  The result?  A sustainable rainwater harvesting system that can collect over 90% of rainwater with minimal maintenance. 

Metal roofs are an ideal platform to collect rainwater.  The smooth, non-porous surface of a metal roof allows for higher quality and quantity of rainwater collected.

We can help architects and builders with all their rainwater harvesting system design and construction goals. 

LEED:  Currently, you can earn LEED points for a rainwater harvesting system which qualifies under Water Efficiency by reducing potable water use, lowering storm water run off and increasing irrigation efficiency.  Click here to learn more.