Westech Contractors, Inc. partners with a major distributor of solar products to offer you the very best in solar solutions for your home or business. 


Our standing seam metal roofing systems provide a durable foundation for high-efficiency solar panels which are mounted using non-penetrating S-5 clamps. This solar panel/metal roofing combination is rock-solid in strength and can withstand even severe weather conditions.


We can work with your architect or builder with design and techical assistance to give you the best solution for your solar and metal roofing project. 


LEED Credits

Currently, the use of photovoltaic panels satisfies the LEED Energy and Atmosphere Credit 2, (renewable energy) and up to 3 points for generating 5%, 10% or 20% of a building's energy use through solar power. Solar panels also meet the "Optimized Energy Efficiency Credit" and awards up to 10 points based on energy efficiency.

Further, a standing seam metal roof can earn up to an additional 7 points for Energy and Atmospheric Impact, material recyclability and building reuse.



Installing a solar energy system can be a cost-efficient investment when considering long-term savings combined with the significant rebates and tax incentives available. See link below for more information.




Solar Technology

PVL Today's latest state-of-the-art crystalline photovoltaic (PV) solar modules can be combined with our standing seam metal roofing systems to capture the sun's rays from dusk to dawn.

EFFICIENCY: Our solar energy systems can offset 50%-100% of a home's or building's energy needs. We start by analyzing the amount of energy used on an annual basis and create a system based on actual usage and offset preference.

WHY CHOOSE WESTECH CONTRACTORS, INC.?         As experts in metal roofing installation, we provide an efficient platform for this highly-effective solar technology. Why go elsewhere when quality and experience are all under one roof.